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Who Is Envie?

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Envie is a luxury professional salon quality range of products that are made in Italy. They have a wide range of products from Vegan Products, Hair Dyes, Hair Masks, Shampoos, Conditioners and Hair Treatments. Their products have been recognised in salons across Europe and can be quite hard to get in the UK. Hair Dye Color is the only UK based company that supplies this range to salons and individually to your home.

Envies Hair Treatments consist of Kerain Treatments, which gives the hair a smooth and silky for over 3 months. Botox Treatment, that gives the hair 30% more thickness and volume. These treatments are popular in salons across the world.

Envie Hair Dye Color range has multiple beautiful shades to create amazing looks. This range is designed to cover 100% grey hair,  it contains glossy shine silicon, No scalp burning the product has been dermatologically tested at a university clinic.

Envies Shampoo and Conditioner ranges consists of different varieties for example the Milk Protein Range which is for dehydrated hair, SOS Express Range which is for damaged hair, Chromactive Range which is for color treated hair and Envie No Yellow which is for blonde hair. These ranges have their own Shampoo, Mask and Leave Ins.

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