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What Anti Frizz Treatment Should I Use?

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As the winter months are approaching, it is extremely common for hair to become frizzy and dry. It can be challenging when it comes to battling this frizz but by using an anti-frizz treatment you can easily create smoother hair. An Anti frizz treatment, used as a leave-in conditioner, straightening fluids and hair mask. Some of these methods can be damaging for the hair. One of the safest and effective anti frizz treatment is the Envie Milk Protein Anti-Frizz Treatment. 

Envie Milk Protein Anti-Frizz Treatment

This Treatment is one of the best. Used in wet hair to help seal the cuticle during drying t0 prevent any frizz from showing. It helps to create a smooth, soft effect. Being infused with Milk Proteins, helps to restructure the hair. Most of the time, when attempting to smooth the hair from frizz it can cause damage as ingredients like formaldehyde and heat activation. This can break down the hair structure. Luckily, this treatment there is no need for these harsh chemicals to effect the hair structure, it is applied as a leave in conditioner, then blow dry as usual to create the smooth effect.

Milk contains protein which works wonders for the hair, it helps with elasticity meaning it helps stop breakage and split ends, improving the quality of the hair. The protein binds to hair, hiding cuticle damage and split ends. This helps increase the thickness of your hair and gives the appearance of greater fullness.

Protection Even in the Worst Humidity.

Humidity breaks hydrogen bonds in the hair. Furthermore, causes the strands to swell and results in a wavy or frizzy look. But these leave in treatments protect your hair from damage by keeping moisture inside the hair, resulting in smooth hair all day long


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