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Vegan Hair Care

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If you’re looking to see and feel a real change in your hair, vegan hair products are your best bet! Instead of “filler” ingredients, alternatively packed with nutrients that actually repair hair from root to tip. That means more good hair days and less toxins going into our hair, our water, and our environment. Vegan hair care, formulated using natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. These shampoos contain a higher quantity of natural or organic ingredients which is good for your hair. Compared to chemicals and salts that can cause reactions to the hair.

Vegan hair care does not contain harsh, synthetic chemicals in the ingredients list. This is important for everyone, our hair should not get in touch with so many additives in the hair care products that we use. For example, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate may have an impact on your skin, scalp, and hair, including hair loss and scalp drying. Being mentioned as possible side effects it is recommended to avoid these chemicals. Vegan Hair Care, packed with natural oils and ingredients to create amazing results.

Vegan Hair Care: Smooth

An Italian brand that goes by the name of “Envie”. This spectacular brand has released a wide range of vegan hair care suitable for everyone! Starting with the Vegan Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. Perfect for those who want to tame unwanted frizz and add hydration to each strand. Infused with Bamboo extract. Bamboo extract stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Furthermore, strengthening hair follicles and fostering the formation of a thicker mane. Known for its scalp-soothing effects. This plant extract also contains antioxidant and anti-irritant qualities, which help in promoting hair growth.

Vegan Volume Shampoo:

The vegan formula in the vegan volume shampoo contains active ingredients such as Rice Proteins, plant and oil extracts such as Linseed, Olive, Mallow and Lime, which bring volume to the hair making it strong and protecting it from damage caused by external agents. Rice Protein enhances the hair and scalps ability to bind moisture which contributes to shiny, soft and healthy hair. Increase the elasticity and density of the hair, and tames frizzy hair. Boosting hair volume because of its naturally high contents of amino acids.

Sometimes when using a volume shampoo, the scalp can get dried out creating flakes. Although the olive oil inside this shampoo allows the scalp to stay moisturised without weighing down the roots of the hair. This helps to create beautiful bouncy and smooth looks.


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