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Types Of Shampoo

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The shampoo market has a wide variety of ranges for each hair type; different hair types as they need different aspects of hair care. Some hair types lack elasticity, moisture, and smoothness. Each type of shampoo has different benefits.


Hydration shampoos

Hydration shampoos help with boosting moisture into the hair to easily detangle, after color treatments or chemical treatments the hair can become dry and split at the ends, using hydrating shampoos can help bring back missing moisture. The Raywell Bio Hidra Shampoo, formulated with green cosmetics, contains Ylang Ylang essential oil, camellia oil, and conditioning agents. Moisturizes skin and hair, removes frizz, and has a polishing effect. First off, while clarifying shampoos can eliminate unwanted oil and buildup, these types of cleansing shampoos can be a bit drying when used daily. A great moisturizing shampoo will effectively wash and clean your locks without stripping them of important inherent moisture.




Reconstruction shampoos

Repairing and Reconstruction shampoos are for highly chemical-treated hair that has been damaged. The SOS Express shampoo is a treatment that gently cleanses and revives all hair types, rich in amino acids, hydration, softness, elasticity, strength, and shine. It works against frizz, adds body to fine hair, and improves detangling of frizzy hair. Repairing shampoo provides more of the hydration and moisture retention your hair needs for strength and flexibility. Nourishing your scalp leaves new hair more robust and elasticated.





No Yellow Shampoo/ Purple Shampoo

Blondes can benefit from using purple shampoo for various reasons. Purple products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and toners, contain purple pigments. Helping neutralize and counteract unwanted yellow or brassy tones in blonde hair.

Over time, natural or color-treated blonde hair can develop a yellowish or brassy hue due to factors. Factors like sunlight, environmental pollutants, or even the minerals present in water. Purple Shampoo work through the principle of color theory, where purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel.

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