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Toners For Brown Hair At Home

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When toners are mentioned, everyone instantly assumes that they are specifically for blonde hair. Although, brown hair can need toning sometimes too. Toners for Brown Hair work on red, brunette and even darker shades. They work to slightly alter their hue or eliminate unwanted brassiness. Toners for brown hair enhance the natural color and add a gloss coating to make the hair shine.

What do I mean by toning brown hair?

If you have naturally brunette hair or have colored your hair a brown shade and want to make it a bit ashier, then you can add hair toner. A hair toner for brown hair is not a hair dye, it doesn’t alter the color of your tresses. Simply adding pigments to your hair, so that certain hues get cancelled out. Often when coloring your hair brown there are strong red pigments. Additionally, using a toner will minimise and remove the underlying red.

Just as a purple shampoo neutralises brassy tones for blondes, a blue shampoo on brown hair neutralises orange and red tones for brunettes. The blue pigment in Envie No Orange Shampoo and No Orange Mask is key for removing these unwanted brassy pigments from brown hair. These colors show up more during the process of transitioning from blonde to brown. Blonde Hair is oxidized by bleach and hydrogen peroxide which makes it difficult to catch colors evenly. After some time, you will notice uneven patches and brassy tones.

While toning gives a beautiful finish to your hair, doing it wrong can have terrible effects. Toner, when used correctly and as directed, usually does not damage hair. However, if left on the hair too long, used too frequently, or applied to already damaged hair, it can cause some damage. This is a key reason to why visiting a hairdressing professional is very important. Preventing damage to the hair is very important.

L’Oréal Día Richesse

Dia Richesse by L’Oréal Professional is great to darken the strands to even brown tones. They provide a wide range of ashy, mocha and golden browns to choose from. Using this with a 3% / 10 volume or below for the best results.DIA Richesse, a rich demi-permanent crème hair color formulated with advanced alkaline technology to create deep, rich tones and exceptional softness. Furthermore, offering over 70 professionally formulated shades to produce any desired result with a shiny, reflective finish.

The mixing ratio for Día Richesse is 1:1.5. One tube of Día Richesse is 50ml, using the Diactivator Oxicreme at 75ml apply evenly for 15-20 minutes on damp hair for full effect. Using L’Oréal Professional Hair Dye Color At Home.


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