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Placenta Hair Treatment 

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Massaging our scalps and strands with a placenta hair treatment doesn’t sound as alluring as say coconut oil. But with so many women swearing by this unconventional product for softer and stronger hair, we had to investigate further. The placenta hair treatment, sold in drugstores and beauty supply stores are actually made up of animal placenta extract. They are a rich source of bioactive components including growth factors and hormones.


So how exactly does placenta hair treatment work?

Placenta extract helps stimulate hair roots. Thanks to the composition of active substances, such as provitamin B5, nettle, and collagen. These active ingredients restore the biochemical balance of the skin and tissues. With a placenta hair treatment, hair loss can be prevented and, in particular, it is designed for damaged and brittle hair. The treatment theoretically acts as an emollient, which keeps in moisture and has a softening effect on the hair. Because hair is made up of proteins, the idea is that the use of a protein reconstruction like the placenta will return protein to the hair and repair the hair follicles. This coating also works to smooth the hair cuticle making it appear shiny.

The active principle of placental extract carries out a revitalising action that helps stimulate skin pores. The placental extract helps stimulate the hair bulb and tends to restore the biochemical balance, thanks to the affinity existing with skin and tissues in general as well as the association of Provitamin B, nettle and collagen. The salts, cationic conditioners, combined in synergy with the active substance (placenta) grant the hair natural softness, flexibility and easy combing already after the first application.

The placenta hair lotion represents a very good treatment for fragile and weak hair, as well as hair which tends to break and fall out. Thanks to its deep revitalising action hair become more elastic and voluminous.


It is recommended to apply placenta lotion of one capsule to washed and slightly wet hair. Secondly, massage in circular motions for around 5 minutes, energetically until the product is completely absorbed. Finally, when all the product is absorbed, comb thoroughly and blow-dry for the best results.

This will leave your hair feeling softer, thicker and a lot easier to manage.

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