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Milk Hair Mask

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Milk Hair Masks are amazing when it comes to frizzy, dull hair, it can be used on all hair types too, they often use completely natural ingredients to make this suitable. Using milk in the hair carries a wide range of benefits. It enhances deep nourishment of each hair strand giving the hair hydration with a glossy shine.

Milk contains protein which works wonders for the hair, it helps with elasticity meaning it helps stop breakage and split ends, improving the quality of the hair. Protein binds to hair, hiding cuticle damage and split ends. This helps increase the thickness of your hair and give the appearance of greater fullness.

When using these Milk based products it is important to check if the proteins are diluted as over using protein can actually dry the hair out if overused. If the product is a protein treatment its good to use once every week to maintain hydration. Using it as a treatment can also promote hair growth from the root, if your scalp is flaky, dry or itchy it can help to cleanse build up on the scalp.

One of our personal favourites is the Envie Milk Hair Mask that is manufactured by Italian professionals and supplied to salons across Europe. This specific mask is

Envie Milk Luxury Mask with Milk Proteins is an ideal product for hair restoration and strengthening. Milk proteins in the mask help to maintain the necessary balance of hair proteins and provide deep moisturizing. The mask helps to strengthen each hair from the inside, reconstructs their structure and reduces damage, restoring natural strength and vitality. It gives hair shine, softness and elasticity without weighing it down.

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