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Are you a hairdresser in need for a good Keratin Liss Care treatment for your clients? If so you are looking in the right place. If you’re searching for a formaldehyde-free, top-notch Keratin Liss Care treatment, you can stop your search now! Our PDV Keratin Liss Care is the perfect solution! Hairdressers will love this treatment, known as a Brazilian Straightening Treatment. Furthermore, this contains wheat proteins that provide a long-lasting smooth and frizz-free effect. With appropriate aftercare, the results can last for up to three months. With this three-step treatment, you can achieve impressive results for your clients, providing them with long-lasting beautiful and manageable hair.

There are three steps to the Brazilian Straightening Treatment starting with:

Step One: Keratin Liss Care Straightening Clarifying Shampoo. This shampoo strips any excess oils from the hair strands to create a clean base to work on. Allowing the pores to open and allow the keratin to go inside each individual strand. Repeat this step until you have completely cleaned your hair.

Step Two: Keratin Liss Care Straightening Serum. To achieve an ultra-smooth effect, apply the product evenly to each strand of hair, leave it in for 20 minutes, and activate it with a hairdryer and round brush. Straighten each strand using a hair straightener, and repeat this process at least five times. Finally, rinse with water only.

Step Three: Keratin Liss Care Straightening Conditioner helps to discipline, detangle and moisturize your hair, distribute the conditioner evenly onto damp hair then put the hair under a heat source, it is important to leave in for 10 minutes, then rinse off and style.

To ensure the best results from keratin treatments, it is important to follow the aftercare instructions carefully. For the first 2-3 days after the procedure, it is recommended to avoid getting the treated area wet and to wear a shower cap while showering. It is also important to dry off immediately after sweating or engaging in physical activity and to blow-dry and flat iron with medium to low heat as soon as possible. Avoid making kinks in the hair from clips, hair bands, hats, or sunglasses and do not tuck your hair behind your ears. Up-dos with bands or clips and braids should be avoided. At night, it’s best to sleep with hair down. To ensure proper bonding between the keratin and each hair strand, it is crucial to follow these steps diligently for the first three days. To maintain the results, use sodium chloride/salt-free aftercare shampoos.

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