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Keratin Treatment Aftercare

Keratin Treatments can be beneficial to the hair but to maintain it, you have to use the correct method of aftercare. As Keratin Treatments are expensive you want to ensure you are caring for it correctly. In order for it to last longer there are a few strict rules that need to be followed. Keratin Treatment Aftercare consists of chemicals like salt, parabens, etc have to be excluded from your

Raywell Ten In One: Leave In Conditioner

Raywell Ten In One is a multi-purpose hair treatment that offers a range of benefits for your hair. This innovative product is designed to address multiple hair concerns in one convenient formula. When it comes to leave-in conditioners, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, choose a conditioning agent that is lightweight and won’t weigh down your hair. Secondly, opt for a leave-in conditioner with a low fragrance count, as

Envie Keratin Range

The Envie Keratin Range is extremely popular for those with unruly, frizz hair. Hair can become frizzy and hard to manage in humid conditions. Things like hair color, permanent straightening treatments and heat damage can break down the keratin in hair. The Envie Keratin Range helpts to rebuild structure into the hair while taming any frizz and restoring the hair from damage. The lack of keratin makes the hair dry,

What Anti Frizz Treatment Should I Use?

As the winter months are approaching, it is extremely common for hair to become frizzy and dry. It can be challenging when it comes to battling this frizz but by using an anti-frizz treatment you can easily create smoother hair. An Anti frizz treatment, used as a leave-in conditioner, straightening fluids and hair mask. Some of these methods can be damaging for the hair. One of the safest and effective

Keratin At Home Treatment

A Keratin Treatment are used all over the world to create beautiful straight, shiny hair. You can expect to pay between $100 and $500 for a single keratin treatment at a salon. To apply the keratin treatment/ at home treatments yourself won’t give you custom results since at home treatments don’t evaluate your individual hair type. Keratin at-home treatments tend to be less damaging but last for a shorter amount

Envie Keratin Range

The lack of keratin makes the hair dry, dull and lifeless. Bringing the Envie keratin to the hair means nourishing it, restructuring it, giving it body and vitality. Daily use of the Envie Keratin line strengthens the hair, giving it body and volume. This is one of Envies smaller but effective ranges. Keratin Shampoo Keratin Shampoo, a creamy capillary cleanser enriched with the beauty-boosting power of Keratin. This Keratin Shampoo not only gently

The Raywell Hair Shine and Filler Treatment

Hair Shine and Filler Treatment Hyaluronic Acid and Cuticlex Treatment to create hair shine and filler treatment. A progressive release natural jaluronic acid line and Cuticlex molecule based on plant keratin and a high-protection system, formulated to regenerate the hair fiber, strengthen it, and protect it from all external agents including the heat of hair dryers and plates, with anti-aging action. The silver pigment contained enhances the ultra-bright effect and natural

The Raywell Nanotech Botoplex Treatment.

Nanotech Botoplex and Botox hair treatment, a line of hair products formulated with new technological concepts capable of repairing and moisturizing all types of hair. Natural active ingredients are raised to maximum power. Keratin repairs the structural damage to the hair, increasing the volume. Cuticlex patented molecule that repairs, hydrates, and protects hair from atmospheric agents and chemical treatments. Nanotech Botoplex by Raywell. Cashmere increases the elasticity of the hair,

What is Hair Botox?

Hair Botox is a revolutionary hair treatment that helps nourish, repair, and rejuvenate damaged or frizzy hair. It involves the use of deep conditioning masks infused with essential nutrients, proteins, and vitamins to restore the hair’s health and vitality. Similar to the effects of Botox injections on the skin, Hair Botox smooths out the hair cuticles, reduces frizz, and adds shine, resulting in softer, more manageable hair. This treatment is particularly beneficial for

Envie Milk Hair Products

Envie Milk hair products are amazing when it comes to frizzy, dull hair, they can be used on all hair types too, they often use completely natural ingredients to make this suitable. Furthermore using milk in the hair carries a wide range of benefits. Envie Milk Hair Products enhance deep nourishment of each hair strand giving the hair hydration with a glossy shine. Milk contains protein which works wonders for