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Some of the best ways to transform your hair without the damage would be using a hair color with no chemicals! There are many temporary hair colors that can be used for example a Color Hair Masks. These come in multiple shades and last for up to 25 washes in the hair to create beautiful temporary looks.

The Oyster Color Hair Mask comes in various shades. Chocolate Mask, Gold MaskNo Yellow MaskPurple MaskRed Mask , and Summer Orange Mask. These Masks are extremely popular when it comes to refreshing colors or changing from blonde to something more vibrant. Oyster Color Hair Mask the concentrated pigments give a hair color that is intensified by increasing the setting time. Olive Oil, Ginger and Cocoa Butter give nutrition for shiny and full-bodied hair. Direct hair color mask.

These Oyster Color Hair Masks are so easy for home use as bright shades of red, orange, purple etc can fade from the hair fairly quickly. These are perfect for a quick refresh of color giving you the salon effect from the comfort of your home. The ingredients inside create perfect qualities for intense nourishing hair mask.

Loreal ColoRista Hair Makeup is ideal for those who don’t want the change for too long, this color washes out instantly to create a vibrant look for one day.

Having brown hair can be difficult when it comes to these types of products but Loreal ColoRista Hair Makeup has certain colours in the range that are designed for brown hair, these shades are: Colorista PlumColorista Dirty PinkColorista CopperColorista Chocolate RoseColoista RaspberryColorista Purple and Colorista Blue.

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