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Envie’s SMK Plex

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Specifically designed for those who have had a Keratin Treatment to help repair the hair and maintain its smoothness. Formulated without salts, sulphates or parabens to repair the hair and maintain the chemical keratin treatments.

SMK Complex

SMK Complex is an additive for bleaching and colouring. To prevent breakage and add protection to the hair follicle. SMK Complex maximizes the treatment of bleaching and colouring, repairing the molecular structure during exposure to the chemical treatment. SMK Complex contains triglyceride, sebacic acid and 100% keratin, and deep conditioning agents.

How to use: Mix 4 ml of SMK Complex with 50 g of cream or powder bleaching cream and 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Designed to strengthen the bonds during the bleaching process as bleaching is extremely damaging with a lot of chemicals. SMK Complex builds a barrier around each strand to make it stronger and reach maximum lifting results.

SMK Plex Fluid Polymer Repair

SMK Plex Fluid Polymer Repair is a acidifying fluid with keratin that restructures the hair, gives shine. Gives volume and protects the hair from the excessive heat of the hair dryer and straightener. It works to leave the hair protected, soft and silky as a fresh keratin look. SMK Plex Fluid Polymer Repair used by applying to damp hair, spray evenly on the hair, comb and finish drying the hair with a hair dryer or flat iron.

SMK Plex Shampoo and Conditioner

SMK Plex Shampoo and Conditioner designed to repair. Great when it comes to maintaining keratin treated hair. But also a perfect treatment for someone who is not seeking permanent straight hair and is looking to address the frizzy hair situation. The most common concern have hair is that it requires to be restyled every morning if your hair gets frizzy and uncontrollable after getting wet or in some cases with slight humidity. Thioglycerin, ingredient in keratin controls frizz and improves hair texture. There are no restrictions for type/texture of hair on which can be applied on. It is suitable for virgin/highlighted/bleached/coloured hair.

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