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IEMME Milano developed the Envie Vegan Hair Care line, adhering to the vegan philosophy. These products are free from animal-derived substances, parabens, or SLS (sodium laurate sulphate). We have carefully crafted our formulations to promote a healthy scalp and hair. Aiming to prevent scalp issues and restore the natural balance. Our products do not undergo animal testing, and we ensure they are cruelty-free. By utilizing active ingredients sourced solely from plants, this line ensures safety and effectiveness for users. Every product is formulated with specific active ingredients.

Vegan Womens Hair Loss Shampoo and Vegan Mens Hair Loss Shampoo contains active ingredients. Such as oils and vegetable extracts of Baobab, Japanese Camellia, Aloe, Nettle, Rosemary, Lavender, Chili Pepper and Mint. Which help hair growth by strengthening its structure and leaving it shiny and soft.

Vegan Balancing Shampoo is a blend of nourishing oils and plant extracts, such as burdock, sweet almonds, embolic, nettle, and birch. This combination works to reinstate hair equilibrium by effectively regulating the production of sebum from sebaceous glands. Vegan Dandruff Shampoo contains active ingredients such as oils and plant extracts of Tea Tree, Ivy Plant, Sage, Propolis and Rosemary which develop antiseptic and purifying properties on the scalp to eliminate itching.

Vegan Frizzy and Dry Mask, this vegan formula contains plant and oil extracts such as linseed, macadamia, aloe, arnica and vitamin e. Which moisturise the hair eliminating fizziness and dryness from the ends. Vegan After Color Mask, this vegan formula contains murumuru butter, date oil and vitamin A, which provide softness and shine to the hair, increasing the duration of hair colour.


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