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The lack of keratin makes the hair dry, dull and lifeless. Bringing keratin to the hair means nourishing it, restructuring it, giving it body and vitality. Daily use of the Envie Luxury Keratin line strengthens the hair, giving it body and volume. This is one of Envies smaller but effective ranges.

Keratin Shampoo, a creamy capillary cleanser enriched with the beauty-boosting power of Keratin. This Keratin Shampoo not only gently washes away impurities but also provides deep nourishment to your beloved colored and treated locks. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing your hair is receiving the tender care it deserves. Let this formula be your trusted companion on the journey to healthier hair.

Keratin Hair Mask contains a potent blend of keratin active ingredients that work to deeply restructuring the hair, by closing the hair scales to create volume and a smoother look. Resulting in effectively revitalizes and nourishes colored and damaged hair, leaving it noticeably soft, shiny, and manageable.

Keratin Hair Lotion is infused with keratin and linseed. It performs a detangling and volumizing action on fine, fragile and treated hair to create a frizz free, healthier look to damaged hair. Keratin Hair Lotion protects hair from the heat of hair dryers and straighteners.


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