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Benefits Of Hair Botox

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Hair botox is extremely popular for those who experience damaged, broken and thinning hair. Hair botox is designed to create density in the hair by up to 30%. Salons across Europe have began using Hair Botox. Which has turned it into a trend as it is not damaging but reconstructing. It helps to smooth out the individual strands of hair creating a frizz-free look. Similar to after a keratin treatment.

Raywell Hair Botox Gold is one of the most popular botox’s due to the smell, quality and results are outstanding. Its ingredients like, Keratin repairs the damage of the hair, increasing the volume. Hyaluronic acid increases the volume and makes stronger and healthier hairs. Shea butter eliminates frizz and moisturize dry and porous hair. Castor oil strengthens the hair structure by providing hydration and softness. all of these create an amazing result.

Envie 24k Hair Botox is one of the best selling hair Botox’s on the market. This specific range is provided in many salons across the world as a treatment that promotes a healthier appearance. All botox treatments come in 3 steps, a Pre Shampoo with alkaline to balance the oils on your scalp and in the hair follicle. The filler treatment conditioner that creates the volume and density, individually repairing each hair strand and the filler leave in, which adds moisture to the hair and applied daily to maintain the treatment.

Raywell Boto Plex another extremely popular range of botox infused with Keratin for smoothing, Cuticlex patented molecule that repairs, Cashmere increases the elasticity of the hair, giving it shine and softness, Hyaluronic acid increases the volume, Shea butter eliminates frizz and moisturizes, Castor oil strengthens.


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