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Ammonia Free Hair Dye Color

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Ammonia free using natural oils to deposit color into each hair follicle. There are a few ranges that can complete the color treatments safely, Hair Dye Colors are used across the world for different reasons depending on client preferences. Hair color, often used on older women to cover grey hair and change their overall appearance. There are so many creative experiences you can have with hair dye colors but sometimes it can be damaging. Furthermore, achieving light colors often require bleach to lift the hair significantly to create a light base to work with.

Using some permanent hair dye colors alone can be quite damaging to the hair due to high contents of ammonia. Although some hair dye colors use alternative color depositing technologies to provide great coverage without heavy damage. For example, using natural oils to deposit color into each hair follicle. There are a few ranges that can complete the color treatments safely:

L’Oreal INOA Hair Dye Color:

INOA is known for its brilliant color depositing system of Oil Delivery System (ODS2) technology. Using a mix of color formulas and oils to the hair. The moisture in the hair fibre draws the pigments in the formula from the oils, finalizing in allowing them to penetrate the cortex and deposit the color at the core of the hair. An ammonia-free coloring system for all hair types, leading the hair dye color market with amazing results and a beautiful shine due to the oils used. The oil-based formula provides up to 46% more shine to the hair and covers up to 100% of white hair. Additionally, it optimizes scalp comfort to prevent irritation and itching. There are 116 shades of INOA Hair Dye Color which is an amazingly diverse range for all hair types. Even the INOA Developer Cream is an oil-based oxidant to create shine and gloss.

The mixing ratio for INOA is 1:1 which makes it easy to measure, using 20 volume/ 6% peroxide of INOA can lift the hair up to 2 levels. By using a 30 volume/ 9% can give you a 3-4 level lift which is ideal for those not wanting to use bleach to achieve lighter shades.

NHP Hair Dye Color:

NHP stands for Natural Haircare Program, the line of innovative technical products able to protect hair and scalp. By using pure and biological active ingredients, and by excluding irritating chemical substances like Sles, ammonia, parabens. Cosmetic hair color based on certified organic ingredients of Argan Oil and Cocoa Butter. Free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol and parabens. Acting with the utmost delicacy, totally respecting both scalp and hair fiber. Resulting in beautiful colors and amazing shine.
NHP technology ensures excellent coloring results of intense and bright shades, 100% grey coverage and extraordinary lasting colors.

59 shades are split into 15 categories of: Natural, Ash, Gold, Copper-Gold, Copper, Red, Mahogany, Irisee, Chocolate, Amber, Ice Chestnut, Sand, Pearl and Super Lightner’s. They also provide an ammonia free peroxide and bleaching powder that maximises safety of your hair.

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