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Wella Hair Color

Wella is an extremely popular rand across the world. Known for stunning shades in Illumina, Koleston, Colortouch and more! Wella Hair color is an effective way to change your hair color. The Wella Hair Color range varies from natural shades, to red, violet, you name it!  A salon industry standard, providing a wide range of hair color options. Wella products are trusted by experts all over the world, whether it’s

Keratin Treatment Aftercare

Keratin Treatments can be beneficial to the hair but to maintain it, you have to use the correct method of aftercare. As Keratin Treatments are expensive you want to ensure you are caring for it correctly. In order for it to last longer there are a few strict rules that need to be followed. Keratin Treatment Aftercare consists of chemicals like salt, parabens, etc have to be excluded from your

Professional Hair Dryer: Elchim 3900

A professional hair dryer is essential for anyone in the beauty industry. The Elchim 3900 Hairdryer is a popular choice for salon-quality results. Not only do they help you dry your hair quickly and efficiently, but they also add volume and shine. When choosing the perfect hair dryer for your needs, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to think about the type of hair you have. If

What Are Milk Hair Masks?

Milk Hair Masks, amazing when it comes to frizzy, dull hair, it can be used on all hair types too. They often use completely natural ingredients to make this suitable. Using milk in the hair carries a wide range of benefits. It enhances deep nourishment of each hair strand giving the hair hydration with a glossy shine. One of our personal favourites is the Envie Milk Hair Masks, manufactured by Italian

What Is The Purpose Of Black and Grey Bleaching Powders?

There are different types of pigmented bleaching powders that achieve different shades of blonde. This ranging from from caramel to ice white depending on the strength of the bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Black and Grey bleaching powders are the most popular at the moment for those looking for cooler toned blonde shades. Black and Grey bleaching powders are extremely similar. As they are both infused with similar technologies to create

Types Of Envie Hair Serums

Envie is one of our favourite brands this year! With a wide range of products from hair colors, hair treatments, and basic hair care. With the Envie Hair Serums Collection, there is a serum for everyone. There are 4 types of serums, Milk Protein, Chromactive (color protection), Liquid Crystals, and SOS Express Repair. All of these Hair Serums, designed to tackle specific needs in the hair. The Envie Hair Serums

Keratin Shampoo

During these humid times of summer, hair often reacts as a frizz. Even if your hair has a slight curl pattern this can create frizz on the roots, mids and ends of your hair. There is a few different ways to tame this but the main ingredient that is missing from this equation is keratin. Not necessarily a keratin treatment as sometimes this can be damaging but using products like

Tape and Keratin Hair Extensions and Removal.

Tape and Keratin Hair Extensions are extremely popular for the summer. One of the best parts of having tape hair extensions is the fact that if they are cared for correctly, they can last between 6-8 weeks. That’s 2 months of fabulous, long, and thick locks. After that time, you can come into the salon for your refit which is charged at a discounted cost. Tape-In installation takes an estimated

Hair Mask For Blonde Hair

When you have blonde hair it is common for yellow and orange to show up in the hair. A problem that every blonde will experience and taking trips to the salon to get this toned can be expensive. Envie has a solution, using a hair mask for blonde hair like the no yellow or no orange can really help even out these pigments. It can be confusing which mask for

Raywell Ten In One: Leave In Conditioner

Raywell Ten In One is a multi-purpose hair treatment that offers a range of benefits for your hair. This innovative product is designed to address multiple hair concerns in one convenient formula. When it comes to leave-in conditioners, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, choose a conditioning agent that is lightweight and won’t weigh down your hair. Secondly, opt for a leave-in conditioner with a low fragrance count, as